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Chris Stewart has been a history teacher at Servite High School in Anaheim, California, since 1985. Her specialty is British history, although she has taught European history in general for many years.

Chris is an avid traveler and has visited all seven continents. Most recently, Antarctica became the last continent visited. Many trips have been “of a lifetime,” but the tour to Antarctica is at the top of the list!

Being a children’s book author was never a personal goal, but in the process of being annoyed by hearing a neighbor’s dog barking incessantly, Chris stepped out onto her deck to see why, and when she saw the reason, she was captivated! From that moment on, she watched the dog go berserk while playing in the sprinkler; she thought, “There’s a story here.” Writing it became her project.

The pure joy of the dog chasing the water spraying from the sprinkler was infectious. Chris hopes she has captured that joy in The Adventures of Sprinkler Dog!


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Sprinkler Dog is a little dog with big smarts, who LOVES
to run through the sprinkler.

One day, the sprinkler goes missing, and Sprinkler Dog must find it!
But how? Where?



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